Sunday, June 23, 2013

Task Based Language Learning (TBLL)

TBLL is a relatively new approach to second language acquisition. TBLL focuses on the use of authentic language and on asking students to do meaningful  task using the target language. It requires learners to complete meaningful, real-world tasks such  as writing an email, letter, essay or article, making a phone call, conducting an interview, and designing and creating media.

The components of a task are:
a.       Goals and objective
b.      Input
c.       Activities
d.      Teacher role
e.       Student role
f.       Settings

There may be several effective frameworks for creating TBLL;
  1. Pre-task
  2. Task
  3. Review

Principles of TBLL:
a.    Learners require exposure to the real and varied  language of speakers of the target language
b.    Learners must be exposed to and use the kind of language that they want and need for their own interest or purposes
c.    The whole language should be integrated
d.   Teachers must set activities for learners that help them notice language forms

·      It is intrinsically motivating
·      It can be used alongside a more traditional approach
·      TBLL offers the opportunity for ‘natural’ learning inside the classroom

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