Sunday, June 23, 2013

Silent Way Method

The silent way is one of these innovative methods. The silent way is characterized by its focus on discovery, creativity, problem solving, and the use of accompanying materials.

Roles of the teacher:
·      Teacher begins with something the students already know
·      Teacher points and gestures
·      The teacher only speaks when necessary
            Role of the students:
·      Students develop their own criteria for correctness

a.    Learning is facilitated if the learner discovers or creates
b.    Learning is facilitated by accompanying physical object
c.    Learning is facilitated by problem solving involving  the material to be learned

·      The silent way is often criticized of being a harsh method
·      With the minimum help of the part of the teacher, the silent way may put the learning itself at stake

·      Learning through problem solving looks attractive especially because it fosters;
-     creativity
-     discovery
-     increase in intelligent potency and
-     long term memory
·      The indirect role of the teacher highlights the importance and the centrality of the learner who is responsible in figuring out and testing the hypotheses about how language works

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