Monday, June 3, 2013

Multiple Intelligences

Before telling about multiple-intelligence, it will be useful to define what the intelligence means. Intelligence is the human capacity to think, understand and produce something with their thoughts. Their capacity can be associated with multiple-intelligence which is divided into several particular categories:

a.    Linguistic/verbal, word smart, reading, writing and communication.
b.    Logical-mathematical, number smart, looking for pattern and thinking
c.    Naturalistic
d.   Spatial, picture smart, thinking in pictures and visualizing
e.    Bodily-kinesthetic, body smart, using body movement to solve
f.     Musical
g.    Interpersonal
h.    Intrapersonal

The teacher should be aware of his students’ capacity. This can be possibly by applying the multiple-intelligence tests to students. The teacher should teach by the way the students learn, not the way he likes.

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