Sunday, June 16, 2013


Suggestopedia is an innovative method that  promises great effective language learning result. In practice, physical surroundings and atmosphere in classroom are the vital factors to make sure that the students feel comfortable and confident and various techniques, including art and music, are used by the trained teachers. The lesson of suggestopedia consisted of three phases at first: deciphering, concert session and elaboration.

Four main stages in suggestopedia:
a.    Presentations
b.    First  concert: “active concert”
c.    Second concert: “Passive review”
d.   Practices

The main features of suggestopedia are:
a.    The use of music to relax learners
b.    The furniture, decoration and the arrangement of the classroom
c.    Teacher’s authority, the teacher plays in a central and he/she the source of all information

Roles of the teacher:
·      Maintain a modest enthusiasm
·      Show absolute confidence in the method
·      Give test and respond tactfully to poor papers

Roles of the students:
·      Students volunteer for a suggestopedic course
·      Learners must not try to figure out, manipulate

·      Students can lower their affective filter
·      Authority concept
·      Classes are held in ordinary rooms with comfortable chairs, a practice that may also help them relaxed

·      Infantilization learning
·      The use of hypnosis
·      Environment limitation

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