Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Audio-lingual Method

This method relies on repetition drills and as a result it was used to teach large numbers of students at the same time. The audio lingual method teaches the language directly but doesn’t use the native language to explain words or grammar. There is several part of this method:

a.    Dialogue memorize
b.    Backward build-up drills
c.    Repetition drill
d.   Chain drill
e.    Complete the dialogue
f.     Transformation drill
g.    Question and answer drills
h.    Use  of minimal phrase
i.      Alphabet games

Basic principle:
a.    Separation of language skills into listening, speaking, reading, writing
b.    Use of dialogue as the chief means of presenting the language
c.    Emphasize on certain practice techniques
d.   Discouraging the sue of mother language in the classroom

·      The first method to have theory
·      Developing the separation of the language skills
·      Making language teaching possible to large groups of learners

·      Weak basis of this theory
·      Teacher-oriented material
·      Teacher’s dominated class
·      Learners having little control over their learning

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