Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Competency-Based Language Teaching (CBLT)

CBLT focuses on what learners expected to do with the language. CBLT is based on function and interaction of language, what means that language is taught taking into account the social context and the communicative needs of students.
a.    systematic
b.    Focuses on the outcomes and output
c.    spell out exactly what it is that trainees should learn

Learning activities:
a.    Systematically designed activities
b.    Real-world task-activity linked to the field of work and to social survival

Key features:
·         successful functioning on society
·         life skills
·         task or performance centered orientation
·         modularized instruction
·         outcomes made explicit a priori
·         continuous and ongoing assessment
·         demonstrated mastery of performance objectives
·         individualized, student-centered instruction

Role of teacher:
·         corrects the students immediately
·         gives positive feedback
·         aware of the learners needs
·         adjust the activities and the syllabus according to learners needs

Role of learners:
·         judge the relevancy and usefulness of the activities
·         should demonstrate the learnt behavior

·         competencies are precise and useful
·         they can be constructively criticized by students
·         competencies need to be socialized with students
·         they can be gradually develop in different stages of the process

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