Sunday, June 16, 2013

Task Based Instruction

Task based instruction is different from other more traditional methods of language teaching. Lessons are constructed according to the language required to perform specific tasks rather than according to the aspects of language such as structures and vocabulary.
Role of teacher:
a.    Sets up the tasks and helps  students to complete them
b.    Supervises the reporting of the task
c.    Provides vocabulary needed

            Role of student:
a.    Active participants
b.    Has to work with others and be collaborative
            Types of tasks:
a.    Listing
b.    Ordering and sorting
c.    Comparison
d.   Problem solving
e.    Sharing personal experiences
f.     Creative tasks

·      Allows meaningful communication
·      Students will have much more varied exposure to language with TBI
·      Encourages students to be more ambitious in the learning they use
·      There is a risk for learners to achieve fluency at the expense of accuracy
·      TBI is not teacher centered and it requires individual and group responsibility and commitment on the part of students

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