Sunday, June 16, 2013

Natural Approach Method

In the natural approach the teacher speaks only the target language and class time is committed to providing input for acquisition. Students may use either the language being taught or their first language. Errors in speech are not corrected. Goals for the class emphasize the students being able use the language to talk about ideas, perform tasks, and solve problems. This approach aims to fulfill the requirements for learning and acquisition, and does a great job in doing it. Natural approach designed to develop basic communication skills-both oral and written

a.    Basic personal communication skills: oral (e.g. listening to announce-ments in public places)
b.    Basic personal communication skills: written (e.g.  reading and writing personal letters)
c.    Academic learning skills: oral (e.g. listening to a lecture)
d.   Academic learning skills: written (e.g. taking notes in class)

·      Students acquire the target language in a natural and easy way
·      Teaching materials are designed  very well

·      Students may use the target language fluently, but they can not use it accurately
·      Teachers should collect various teaching aids and use them appropriate.

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