Sunday, June 16, 2013

Inquiry Based Learning (IBL)

Inquiry-based learning is a student-centered and teacher-guided instructional approach that engages students in investigating real world questions that they choose within a broad thematic framework Inquiry is not merely ‘having students do projects’ but rather strives to nurture deep, discipline-based way of thinking and doing with students. 
Steps in Inquiry based learning

a.    Questioning
b.    Collecting Information
c.    Planning and Predicting
d.   Investigating
e.    Collecting and analyzing Data
f.     Recording and Reporting

Role of teacher:
a.    Motivator
b.    Facilitator
c.    As a “pen”
d.   Guide
e.    Manager
f.     Rewarder

Role of the students:
·      Active
·      Independent learner

·      The development of a wide range of skills in areas including initiative, critical judgment, openness
·      Creativity and independence of mind
·      Engage students with real-world problems in applied subject areas

·      Doesn’t work  for all science topic
·      Requires more planning, preparation and responsiveness from the educators
·      Requires more class time

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